Getting into New Habits

I can’t believe it’s the end of January already! Where has the month gone?! We’ve been really busy at the NEPP and with most people now back into their normal routine, I guess that means hunting down that ideal parking space too.

I’m aware of how busy the roads and car parks have been over the recent weeks and my colleagues and I have all been working hard to provide safe and fair parking in the area. It’s so frustrating not being able to find a place to park your car especially after a long commute or stressful school run with the kids, and even though we are responsible for enforcing parking restrictions in car parks, on roads and in residential areas, we understand it can be difficult. However, restrictions are there for a reason, whether it is to allow greater access for disabled people, a parent and their children or for safety reasons. So if you’re struggling to get a space or just in a rush, remember to check the signage before parking up because sometimes it’s all too easy to think “Oh I’ll only be a minute, so parking here will be fine”.

School Parking Sign

I hear it’s going to be another cold week with the possibility of some snow so please take care and drive and park safely and remember to check for any parking restrictions.