Getting Out There

After a busy weekend, today, I’m on the early shift and have been working for several hours now. One of the great things about being a CEO is that we spend a lot of time outdoors so really notice the changes in the weather and seasons. This morning I was making my way through a residential parking permit area and noticed some bulbs in gardens, so spring is on its way! As well as spending most of my working day outdoors, there are lots of other things I love about my job, especially that it keeps me active and fit (last time I did a shift with a pedometer it calculated I’d walked 16 miles in one day, although I think on average I probably do 7-8 miles a day). I also enjoy talking to the people I meet and we’re often stopped by members of the public and asked for directions or information and I like being able to help. I’m also incredibly pleased and proud to work for the North Essex Parking Partnership and know that the job I do really benefits the public. Recently I overheard someone talking about the NEPP, and I was really pleased with what I overheard. They’d said CEOs are “often viewed as just patrolling and enforcing parking restrictions across north Essex and fining drivers for breaching those restrictions, when really what they’re doing is keeping the whole of north Essex moving and as free from congestion as possible, ensuring that our roads and pavements are as safe for residents as they can be – which is a huge benefit.”

Obviously there’s lots more to the NEPP and our jobs than this, but I particularly wanted to share with you, how much I enjoy my role as a CEO and how rewarding it is as we have some job vacancies across north Essex at the moment. If you’re interested and would like more information, please visit