Access Restricted

Last week I was watching BBC’s Inside Out East which featured a story about a pensioner in Luton who’s angry about people parking on pavements as it often prevents him from using the pavements as he uses a mobility scooter.

Parking on pavements is something which I see a lot of in my job and is also something I get asked about a lot. If a vehicle is parking on, or obstructing a pavement and there’s a parking restriction in place e.g. double yellow lines, I can issue a Penalty Charge Notice. However, in North Essex, if there isn’t a parking restriction in place, then it’s a matter for the Police who can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice for obstruction of the highway.

People often get parking on pavements and parking on dropped kerbs muddled up and there is a difference between the two and how they’re enforced. When the law changed in 2008, CEOs such as myself were allowed to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles parked adjacent to/on a dropped kerb in a Special Enforcement Area (an area where civil parking enforcement has been permitted by the Secretary of State).

So basically any CEO can enforce and issue a PCN to a vehicle parked on a dropped or lowered kerb or where the road has been raised to meet the kerb level.

The most common incident where a PCN would be issued for this is if a motor vehicle has parked so close to a dropped kerb, it can’t be used and could prevent someone (perhaps a person in a wheel chair) from crossing the road safely. PCNs can also be issued to vehicles that obstruct a resident’s drive way, however my colleagues and I would only do this, after we have received a complaint from a resident saying that they are unable to access their drive. We won’t enforce without an initial complaint because it could be that the resident has given the motorist permission to park across their driveway

Parking on dropped kerbs is more common in some areas than others but here’s a couple of photos of vehicles parked on dropped kerbs:


Image of car parked on a dropped kerb.

Car parked on dropped kerb restricting access to residents drive way.

Image of car parked across dropped kerb with tactile pavement

Car parked alongside dropped kerb with tactile pavement