Going Virtual in Braintree

On Monday the NEPP launched virtual resident and visitor parking permits in the Braintree District which means that residents and visitors can now renew and buy their own permits by phone, text or online. Back in January I wrote about the same being launched in Uttlesford District and I’m pleased to say that staff in the office have told me that the number of people buying and renewing their virtual permits is steadily growing across the district and with 98% of permit holders in Colchester now also signed up, I hope Braintree residents and visitors will be reassured that the process for buying permits this way really is quick and easy.

Information about this new system is available on the NEPP’s website, Braintree District Council’s website and at their Customer Service Centre. When residents’ permits are due for renewal, their reminder letters will also explain the new system and how quickly and easily they can renew their permit. If residents don’t have internet access, need help registering for a MiPermit account or have any questions about the system they can visit our website  at www.parkingpartnership.org or contact us on  parking@colchester.gov.uk or 01206 282316.

Virtual resident and visitor permits are currently available throughout Colchester, Uttlesford and Braintree and will be available in the other areas of the Partnership (Tendring, Epping and Harlow) soon.

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Mi Permit Logo