The 10 Minute Rule

You may have heard or read about the parking changes which the government are planning to introduce nationally this month, which were announced on Friday.

Several changes were announced and include:

  • ‘10 minute parking grace periods’ – this applies to paid for or free parking spaces both on-street and off-street (in council owned car parks and similar).
  • Restricting CCTV use to no-parking areas around schools, bus stops, bus lanes and red routes.
  • Not fining drivers for parking at out-of-order parking meters;
  • Bailiffs not using overly aggressive action;
  • Reinforcing that using parking to generate profit is prohibited;
  • Giving Parking Adjudicators stronger powers to hold councils to account so they can seek to tackle parking problems.
  • Ensuring parking policies support local shops.

Of all the changes that were announced, the one people have been asking us about the most, is the 10 minute grace period and as there’s been so much interest, I thought I would write about it in this week’s post. Before the changes were announced on Friday, I (and other NEPP CEOs) gave motorists who overstayed their car parking ticket or time in a restricted bay, a 5 minute grace period before issuing a Penalty Charge Notice. However since last Friday this grace period has gone up to 10 minutes, which means that my colleagues and I will not be issuing Penalty Charge Notices to motorists until at least 10 minutes after their expiry time. As this is a national change, this applies across all the areas we cover so: Braintree, Colchester, Epping, Harlow, Tendring and Uttlesford.

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