The Domino Effect

Car Parked in Bus Stop

Car Parked in a Bus Stop (Contravention Code 47)

Whilst I was out on patrol last week, I came across a vehicle which was parked in a bus stop, which unfortunately isn’t uncommon. When the driver, parked their car there, they probably didn’t think that it would cause a problem, but seconds later the bus arrived and could not pull into the stop so instead it had to stop in the road to let passengers off. This caused the traffic to pile up behind the bus causing a jam as vehicles couldn’t get past. This traffic jam extended to a set of traffic lights causing even more problems. As well as this, an elderly lady had to get off the bus into the road with her walking aid, putting her safety at risk. The driver of the parked vehicle then came out of the nearby shop with a packet of sweets wondering why he had been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

The PCN the driver was issued with was given in relation to Contravention Code 47 (parked in a bus stop). This is used for any vehicle other than a bus, parked in a restricted bus stop. No observation period is applied and loading or unloading is not allowed.  Disabled Badge Holders are not exempt from this contravention so the same rules apply to them.  The exact area where the restriction applies to, is marked out by a yellow line containing the words “Bus Stop” with an adjacent sign stating the times prohibited.

The driver’s decision to park in the bus stop last week had a domino effect. It prevented the bus from stopping in a safe position for its passengers to get off (fortunately the elderly lady managed to get off safely with help), caused congestion in the immediate and surrounding roads and the driver was issued with a £75 fine to pay so the bus driver, the passengers, the motorists behind the bus and the driver were all affected by the drivers decision to park in the bus stop.

I really wanted to share this incident with you all as I think it highlights the importance of parking safely and sensibly and emphasises the important role me and my colleagues play in trying to keep the roads safe and free from congestion.