Bank Holidays – just another day?

Now it’s nearly Easter, there are lots of bank and public holidays approaching both over the Easter weekend and during May.

It could be very easy to think that on bank holidays parking restrictions might not apply, or may be relaxed; but in most cases they are not. There is still a duty to manage the highway, and bank holidays are no exception. Most parking restrictions are not relaxed on bank or public holidays and the same rules apply as on any other Monday. Restrictions apply on bank and public holidays unless signs specifically indicate that they do not. Exceptions are always signposted, so don’t get caught out.

There are also some seasonal restrictions which will also come into force over the weekend ahead (such as restricted areas which exist between Easter and October). These are usually found in places which require more parking management during the peak season, such as tourist hot spots. Where these restrictions apply, signs detailing the dates they apply to (like the example below) will exist.

Seasonal Parking Restriction sign

Example of a seasonal parking restriction sign.

I hope you all enjoy the bank holidays and don’t forget to check the parking restrictions if you’re out and about over the Easter weekend.

4 thoughts on “Bank Holidays – just another day?

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