What a week!

What a busy week it’s been in the UK with the bank holiday, the Royal Baby and the Elections. For me in my role it’s been business as usual and I was working on Monday which was a busy day with lots of you out and about making the most of the lovely Bank Holiday weather (I hope you all found my post last week useful and remembered to check the restrictions before parking!).

This morning I met up with some of my colleagues who work in Harlow and they showed me an email they’d had from a local resident thanking them for issuing Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles which had been parked on double yellow lines overnight causing a hazard and nuisance to road users and residents. It’s always nice to get a compliment and I was really pleased for my colleagues and for the NEPP, as so often people forget that the reason parking restrictions exist and that we enforce them is to keep the roads throughout north Essex safe, accessible and free from congestion and it’s great to hear this being acknowledged.

3 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Richard Kayley

    Yes quite a week,

    Once again it was difficult to park in Braintree for a full day, as i didn’t carry £5.50 in change with me.
    It was great to see a new parking machine installed in George Yard, but a huge opportunity missed by the people resonsible by not installing a machine that could take notes, debit or credit cards, or even use mobile telephone technologies.

    So I’m pleased you enjoyed your week, I suppose we as users of these facilities, to try and bring trade into Braintree, will just have to take be satisfied that you are happy!


  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your comment. I was sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the payment options on your recent visit to George Yard car park in Braintree, but it is great to get feedback on our services. Cashless parking is available in most of the car parks across north Essex and was introduced in all Braintree car parks a year ago so motorists can pay for their parking by sending a text or using the MiPermit app on their phones. MiPermit is promoted in all the car parks where this facility is available and further information about MiPermit and how it can be used can be found using the link below.





  3. Richard Kayley

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the response.
    I was previously unaware of this service, and it certainly isn’t highly visible or prominent on the parking machines or signs.

    I will register online and let you know how it goes, but very useful, thank you.


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