It’s about quality not quantity

Penalty Charge Notice

Penalty Charge Notice issued

At the weekend I had a day off and was making the most of the lovely weather and doing a bit of gardening now that things are really starting to grow with the better weather we’ve been having. Whilst I was out in my garden, one of my neighbours came to chat to me over the fence and he mentioned that he’s been reading my blog and asked if I was losing out on commission from Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) by spending my time writing my blog! I was a bit surprised by this question as none of the NEPP’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) work on commission, nor do any other public sector CEOs. I am paid the same every month whether I issue 20 or 200 Penalty Charge Notices, the most important thing is that any Penalty Charge Notices that I do issue are correct and valid. Not only is this how it should be, but it’s also better for the NEPP because otherwise it would cost the organisation more (in time and resources) in the long run if PCNs are issued incorrectly or inappropriately. To make sure our enforcement is fair, transparent and consistent my colleagues and I regularly receive training and have lots of knowledge and experience of parking matters to deal with dangerous, careless and negligent parking.

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