Epping Forest join the virtual permit scheme

Customer using mobile phone
Tomorrow, the NEPP is launching virtual parking permits in Epping Forest meaning residents in the district will be able to buy and renew their parking permits by phone or text and won’t need to worry about displaying their permits in their vehicles. Virtual permits are quick and easy to buy and have already been introduced in Braintree, Colchester, Tendring and Uttlesford and the number of residents buying these permits is steadily growing across north Essex.

More information about these permits and how they work is available on the NEPP’s website and Epping Forest District Council’s website, however, existing permit holders don’t need to do anything until their permits are due for renewal, at which point their reminder letters from the NEPP will clearly explain what to do.

If residents don’t have internet access, need help registering for a MiPermit account or have  any questions about the system please visit our website at www.parkingpartnership.org or contact my colleagues on parking@colchester.gov.uk or 01206 282316.

The only partnership authority where the virtual permits haven’t been introduced yet is Harlow and I have it on good authority from the office that this will be happening soon, so watch this space.

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