Hot Dog? No thank you!

Labrador dog

It was great being out patrolling in the lovely warm weather last week, however sometimes we can come across incidents such as dogs left in parked cars during these extreme temperatures. When we come across this issue, we would take the necessary details and report it to either the RSPCA or the Police (depending on how urgent we believe the situation to be) for them to investigate and take action if necessary.

If you come across a dog which appears to have been left in a vehicle during hot weather, please report this to the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and give them details about the condition of the dog, the registration number and where the car is. The RSPCA should then send an inspector or warden to deal with the situation if they can and if they think they need to break into the car, they will call the Police. Some dog warden services may also be able to help in these circumstances. However, if the situation is extremely urgent and it’s getting close to a life or death situation for the dog, you should call the Police using 999 straight away.

Both the RSPCA and the Police, have information and guidance on what to do when anyone comes across an animal which appears to have been left in a car during hot weather and these can be accessed using the links below:

With more hot weather forecast for the rest of this week, please bear this in mind and if you are a dog owner, please don’t leave your dog alone in a car in warm temperatures.

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