No change, no problem!

St Mary's Car Park, Colchester

Approach to St Mary’s Car Park, Colchester

I hope you all found last week’s post interesting and it gave you a bit more idea of the many tasks the NEPP carries out across north Essex.

This week, I thought I’d write about cashless car park payments as St Mary’s car park in Colchester became pay and display and introduced cashless parking last week. St Mary’s is the last of Colchester’s Borough Council’s car parks to introduce this meaning you no longer need change to pay for its car parks. Colchester is the latest NEPP authority to offer cashless parking in all of its pay and display car parks following Braintree, Epping Forest and Uttlesford.

For those not already using cashless, the cashless payment facility across north Essex is available through MiPermit. To use the MiPermit system, simply set-up of a free secure MiPermit account online and then pay for your parking via the MiPermit app, online portal, text or phone call. Plus you’ll never have to worry about finding loose change for that car park again and if you’re running late returning to your car, you can extend your payment at the touch of a button and avoid having to rush back to your car.

When you use MiPermit you don’t need to display a paper ticket on your dashboard as I and all my fellow NEPP CEOs carry hand-held devices which tell us whether drivers have paid for their parking.

For more information about cashless payments, please visit or For help to register, please contact my colleagues via or 01206 282316.

5 thoughts on “No change, no problem!

  1. yea good one, before you only paid for the time you parked, now you have to put more in, because if you only put a little in and are late, one thing is for sure the TICKET man is giving you a ticket, so its a win win for the car parks, you either pay more or get a ticket, YOU LOSE AGAIN


    • Hi Phillip,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure whether you’ve tried it yet, but with the MiPermit cashless parking which is now available, you’d have the option to quickly and easily extend your car park stay via text, phone or the MiPermit app whilst you’re out and about. The system also has the added bonus of being able to send you a reminder of when your car parking stay is about to expire which is really useful and would prevent any Penalty Charge Notices been issued for expired stays.

      St Mary’s car park was recently switched to pay and display by Colchester Borough Council to help make services more efficient, including reducing ongoing maintenance costs of St Mary’s out-dated barrier entry system.




      • Anna
        I went there last Saturday and no change =problem! i pay all my parking with a credit card, I only had £3 change of which the new machine swallowed one of them and as there’s no return slot I basically had 40 minutes and had to return to pay again


      • Hi ,

        Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear you experienced problems paying with cash on Saturday, did you call for help via the machines? If you believe you overpaid or there were issues with the machine, please contact the NEPP’s office via or on 01206 282316 and they will look into the matter for you.

        St Mary’s car park does now also offer cashless parking via MiPermit which is linked to your card. The system also gives you the option to quickly and easily extend your car park stay via text, phone or the MiPermit app whilst you’re out and about, so there’s no need to return to the car park. The system also has the added bonus of being able to send you a reminder of when your car parking is about to expire which is also really useful.

        The ability to pay for parking with contactless debit cards in St Mary’s car park is also due to be installed at selected machines on all floors in the coming weeks.

        More information about the recent changes to St Mary’s car park can be found on Colchester Borough Council’s website here.

        Hope that helps,




  2. […] week, I wrote about cashless parking being available in Braintree, Colchester, Epping Forest and Uttlesford via MiPermit and I thought […]


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