Virtual permits now available in Harlow

MiPermit Logo

This week, the NEPP is launching virtual resident and visitor permits in Harlow, which means these permits are now available in all of the Partnership authorities’ areas!

These virtual permits allow residents to renew and buy their own parking permits by phone or online via MiPermit and removes the need to display a paper permit.

If you’re a resident who already has a paper parking permit, you don’t need to do anything until your permit is due for renewal when your reminder letter will explain the new system and provide instructions on how to purchase them.

There are lots of perks to these virtual permits; they’re green, they can be bought at a time that’s convenient to you rather than just during our office hours and they’re more cost effective to administer meaning that permit prices can be kept as stable as possible. Plus, buying visitor permits via the MiPermit system saves money too as 10 virtual visitor permits cost £10 whereas 10 paper visitor permits cost £15.

If you or anyone you know lives in a permit area (including non-motorists who may have visitors who wish to park) and don’t yet hold a MiPermit account but may wish to buy visitor permits, you/they will need to provide the NEPP with proof of residency and register on the system before purchasing any permits.

Anyone who doesn’t have internet access, needs help registering for a MiPermit account or has any questions about the system, should contact us on 01206 282316, at or visit our website at Harlow residents may find Harlow District Council’s website useful too.

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