Commuter Complaints

Line of parked cars
This week, I thought I’d blog about one of the NEPP’s most common complaints – commuter parking.

We often receive complaints about how and where commuters park their vehicles whilst they’re at work all day as they’re sometimes restricting property access, causing congestion and in some cases a danger too. If the vehicles are parked dangerously, causing an obstruction or on pavements, then this would be a Police issue. If the vehicle is parked on a dropped kerb or in contravention of a parking restriction, the NEPP can carry out enforcement action. However if there aren’t any parking restrictions and there aren’t any other parking contraventions taking place, we’re unable to take any action.

If residents of businesses in north Essex believe that having a parking or waiting restriction in place may address this (or any other local parking problem) requests for these should be made to the NEPP. Anyone wanting parking or waiting restrictions needs to complete Stage 1 of the NewTRO Requests Form and demonstrate there is local support, including from the local Ward Councillor. Once completed, the request should be emailed to for it to be reviewed and scored based on key factors including the level of local support, potential benefits and impacts. The request and the scoring will then be referred to the Partnership’s Committee to prioritise and decide whether it will be progressed. The NEPP does receive a lot of requests and with limited budget available it needs to focus on progressing the schemes considered to be a high priority. For all the necessary steps to be completed, the entire process can take up to 24 months.

For more information please visit our website at

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