Park Mark Safer Parking

Park Mark Safer Parking Logo

Park Mark Safer Parking Logo

Some of you may recognise the logo above and will probably have noticed it in some car parks, but do you know what it means?

If you spot the logo above in a car park it means that that car park has achieved the national standard for UK car parks. These car parks have measures in place to ensure people and vehicles are safe and have low crime rates.

A lot of the car parks which the NEPP manages on behalf of its partner authorities have achieved and continue to uphold Park Mark status. It is up to each of the partnership authorities whether or not they would like their car parks assessed.

For those that would like some or all of their car parks assessed, each year they must have their car parks’ management practices and security measures thoroughly assessed by trained police assessors who also visit each one too. If the car parks meet or exceed the required standard set by the British Parking Association, then they are awarded ‘Park Mark’ status as part of the Safer Parking Scheme. Car parks which achieve the ‘Park Mark’ standard display the above logo in each of their car parks.

For further information about Park Mark and to find out which UK car parks have achieved the Safer Parking Scheme standards, please visit:

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