Remember, remember…. when parking in fog!

Vehicles and road in fog
As I was on my way into work in the foggy weather this morning, I was listening to the radio and hearing all the travel disruption the fog was causing and it got me thinking about the dangers of fog. With the weather forecasts suggesting the fog may hang around for a few more days yet, I thought that this week I would blog about parking in fog!

Highway Code Rule 251 says “Parking in fog. It is especially dangerous to park on the road in fog. If it is unavoidable, leave your parking lights or sidelights on.”

As the rule says, if parking on a road is unavoidable, please park safely and legally and ensure that your vehicle is visible to other road users (as per rule 251) to improve visibility and hopefully avoid any incidents.

The NEPP takes safety extremely seriously and whilst we can’t issue Penalty Charge Notices for vehicles parked on the road in fog without any lights on, it is something which every motorist should do to keep everyone who uses the roads safe.

If you are learning to drive at the moment or just fancy a refresher of the Highway Code, you may find the Government’s Highway Code webpage about waiting and parking useful.

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