The blue badge fault was…..

A big thank you to everyone who took part in last week’s blue badge poll. As promised, I can now reveal the correct reason as to why the motorist was given a Penalty Charge Notice was that ‘the blue badge was not clearly displayed’ so well done to all those who answered correctly.

When using a blue badge (disabled badge), the badge must be clearly displayed in a vehicle, as per the terms and conditions of use in the blue badge booklet, so all the details can be checked by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO).

Blue badges are only valid for 3 years, so the expiry date of the badge must be clearly visible along with the parking clock set to the driver’s time of arrival.

Blue badge holders are permitted to park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours, in off street car parks (for how long will depend on the car park operator), designated on street disabled bays and limited waiting bays  with their badge and clock displayed accordingly. If the details of the blue badge are obscured or the clock is not set correctly the vehicle is then parked in contravention of the restriction in place and may be given a Penalty Charge Notice.

Further information about Disabled Blue Badges can be found using the links below:

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