When could you receive a Penalty Charge Notice?

With spring on the horizon many seasonal restrictions will come into force over the coming weeks and months. Seasonal restrictions are often found in places that attract a large number of visitors (and cars!) between spring and early winter and exist to control parking and help keep the roads safe and accessible during these busy periods. Many local places (particularly coastal areas such as West Mersea, Frinton-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea) have these types of restrictions and the dates and times for these restrictions will vary according to the locality.

The seasonal restriction sign below appears in West Mersea and this week I thought I’d find out when you think you could be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice if you parked where this sign appears (there might be more than one correct answer).


This poll will be live all week and I’ll post the correct answer(s) next week so don’t forget to come back and see the results.

5 thoughts on “When could you receive a Penalty Charge Notice?

  1. Whether I’m right or wrong with my answers, I suspect that this quiz is there because no one really has a clue what parking restrictions are and the signs really don’t make it any clearer. A cynic might think that Councils make it difficult on purpose!


    • Hi Dennis,

      The answers to this poll (together with a clear explanation) will be posted here next week. One of the purposes of this blog is to help motorists gain a better understanding of parking restrictions to prevent dangerous and illegal parking and to help keep our roads safe for all road users.

      I hope that you and other readers find activities like this useful and I’m always happy to help with any specific restriction enquiries.




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  3. […] seasonal parking restrictions (such as the below) are also likely to come into force this weekend […]


  4. […] When could you receive a penalty charge notice? […]


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