Back to School

School Parking Sign

It’s back to school for most children in North Essex this week, so it’s the perfect time for me to post a reminder about the importance of parking safely near schools and to urge drivers to park safely and abide by the parking restrictions that are in place. These restrictions are in place to ensure that the roads are as safe and accessible as possible to all road users at what can be extremely busy times of day.

As I’ve previously blogged about parking outside schools I thought now would be a great time to share those again:

Our Website Makeover

Parking image from the NEPP website

I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend and have been enjoying the sunny weather we’ve been having.

I’ve just come back to work after a holiday and whilst I was away our website has had an exciting makeover!

The navigation, layout and content of our webpages have been redesigned and improved to make our website much quicker and easier for our customers to use. There’s also lots of new and additional information on there to help our customers find out more about us as an organisation and how we operate and there’s even also some self-serve features too! Customers can now apply online for Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and in the future, there’ll be a database where customers will be able to look-up and track the status of TRO applications across North Essex.

Take a look at our website makeover at: – you’ll even seen a quick and easy link through to this blog!

Pavement Parking

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted on here but I was really keen to blog about pavement parking as it can be a big issue for many people and it’s a subject which we get lots of enquiries and complaints about. Pavement parking can cause real issues for a number of people, particularly pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchair users as it often affects their ability to use and keep to the safety of the pavement.

If a vehicle is parked on a pavement and there are parking restrictions on the adjacent highway, then it is something which Civil Enforcement Officers like me can enforce and we can issue Penalty Charge Notices but this would be because the motorist is contravening the restrictions on the highway rather than because of the pavement parking itself. For example, in the photograph below, a vehicle is parked on a pavement adjacent to double yellow lines and as there isn’t any activity taking place which would permit stopping on double yellow lines (e.g. unloading/loading of goods, passengers getting in or out of the vehicle etc.) a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued.

PavementParking 2

If a vehicle is parked on a pavement and there aren’t any parking restrictions on the adjacent highway or if there is a significant obstruction being caused, then this would fall under the responsibilities of the Police who would consider whether this was ‘wilful obstruction of the public highway’, which is an offence. In such instances you can dial the non-emergency Police line 101 who will deal with such matters at their own discretion.

Whilst this post is about pavement parking, you may also find these other posts which I’ve done about parking on dropped kerbs and blocked access of interest too:

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I hope the above is helpful and as always, if you’re a motorist, please park safely, legally and considerately.

Bank Holidays and Restrictions

With another Bank Holiday just around the corner, I thought I’d share some information about Bank Holidays and parking and waiting restrictions with you all.

At the NEPP we often get a lot of enquiries from members of the public wanting to know if waiting and parking restrictions apply on a Bank Holiday and many people presume that they don’t apply. However, most parking and waiting restrictions do apply on bank holidays as these are some of the busiest days on the roads and there is still a duty to manage the highways and ensure that roads and car parks are safe and free from congestion. If a parking or waiting restriction does not apply on a Bank Holiday then this will always be clearly signposted.

The other thing to be aware of at this time of year is seasonal parking and waiting restrictions. These are usually found in places which require more parking management during the peak season, such as tourist hot spots. Where these restrictions apply, signs detailing the dates they apply to (like the example below) will exist.

Seasonal Parking Restriction Sign

Please check all the signage before parking or you might return to your car after a lovely day out and find you’ve been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice for parking illegally which I’m sure none of you want.

I hope you’ve all found this useful and have a great bank holiday!

P.S – You may find some of my other posts about Seasonal restrictions and Bank Holidays listed below useful too.

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Parking staff now using body-worn cameras

NEPP CEO wearing body-worn camera

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on here, but today I wanted to share some North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) news with you all.

Hopefully some of you will have already read/heard about this in the media today, but just in case you haven’t, starting from today all NEPP Civil Enforcement Officers, such as myself, will now be wearing body-worn cameras whilst on duty. The NEPP’s Committee decided to provide us with these body-worn cameras due to the number of violent and aggressive incidents which we’ve experienced whilst doing our jobs.

Previously, when an incident has taken place and it’s been reported to the Police, we’ve not always had the evidence for any action to be taken against the offenders, however, now the cameras will be activated when we feel we are at risk and the evidence they record can then be used by the Police and in Courts.

We’re all very pleased to have these cameras which will hopefully mean we experience fewer of these types of incidents and, if/when we do experience abuse, we will now be able to capture this and provide the Police and the Courts with the necessary evidence for them to take action.

We will not be using the cameras to gather evidence in relation to parking enforcement and they are solely being used to protect staff doing their job and enhance our wellbeing.

Myself and my colleagues have all undertaken training on how to use the cameras correctly over the last few weeks and all the information about our policies and FAQs etc. can all be found on the NEPP’s website at

To find out more about the introduction of the cameras, please click here.

We’ve got the Golden ticket!

Anna_Tendant Icon Ideas


I’m over the moon today and delighted to say that this very blog won the Gold Award at the Essex Digital Awards in the Business Blog category last night.

Everyone here at the NEPP is so pleased and it was great to hear the judges comments about how impressed they were with this blog and how it manages to make a difficult subject fun, engaging and understandable.

The level of entries was outstanding and we were up against some tough competition so we were thrilled to win.

We also found out last night that as a Gold Award winner we are in the running to be the overall Champion for the category for all the Digital Award Schemes where there will be a public vote to choose an overall Champion for each category from the awards that take place in from Cambridgeshire, Essex Hertfordshire, Kent, Milton Keynes and Surrey.

We had a fantastic evening and it was great to be there and celebrate with my colleagues from the NEPP who provide a lot of support for this blog.

I’m so pleased that our customers are finding this blog useful and I look forward to posting further updates on what is now our award-winning blog!

I’ll be back blogging next week but for now, have a lovely weekend.

From a very happy Anna Tendant!

P.S – If you’d like to find out more about the award, please click here.

A day in the life of…

I hope you all had a good Easter and enjoyed the sunny weather – the roads were certainly busy and continue to be whilst the schools are off but hopefully you all found my last post useful and were able to avoid traffic problems.

So far on this blog I’ve written a lot about my job as a Civil Enforcement Officer and this week I thought I would share a link which tells you about a day in the life of someone else who works for the NEPP; our Group Manager, Richard Walker:

A day in the life of NEPP’s Group Manager

Happy reading!