Police Accreditation

Police Community Safety Scheme Accreditation Logo
This week I thought I’d take a break from writing about specific parking matters and tell you a bit more about my role as a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) with the NEPP.

Last autumn, the NEPP offered its enforcement staff the opportunity to become Police Accredited under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS). This is a voluntary scheme under which Police Chief Constables can choose to accredit people employed in roles which involve maintaining and improving community safety e.g. park and neighbourhood wardens. Once they’re accredited these staff have additional but specific powers to help them in their community roles (so in my case, powers which specifically relate to my role in parking).

Some of my colleagues and I took this offer up and have now been through the vetting process, done the training and passed the assessments. Once we’ve been presented with our Essex Police Accreditation identification badges and armbands we’ll be able to use the additional powers we’ve been given to increase community safety and help reduce crime and disorder.

As a parking CEO, examples of the types of powers and circumstances under which I can use them include:

  • being able to control traffic for purposes other than escorting a load of exceptional dimensions and to direct traffic for the purposes of escorting abnormal loads
  • being given a name and address following violent and aggressive behaviour from customers
  • issuing a fixed penalty notice for littering when a Penalty Charge Notice has been thrown on the floor by a customer

I’ve really enjoyed the training and work involved in becoming Police Accredited and like knowing that  once I’ve been issued with my national accreditation badge I’ll be able to make even more of a difference in helping to keep our roads safe and free from congestion – after all that’s what being a CEO is all about.